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Top 10 drinks that every college student has to taste

College is your first step into adulthood: it is the right time for self-discovery, responsible studying, and partying hard. In the morning you are listening to lectures in college, after that work part-time as a freelancer (or do sports activities), in the evening complete the homework (or ask your group mates "Can you help me with my math homework?"), and at night…at night you enjoy your college life to the fullest.
As during our students' years, we should literally "try everything" and go crazy now and then; the alcohol is one of such things. While many young people choose not to drink in college, 3 in 5 of them enjoy the night out with some best college mixed drinks.

Top drinks to try in college

To get drunk at a college party, you can have a few vodkas or beers. However, there are more attractive, tasty, and at the same time, popular alcoholic drinks for college students. Enjoy our top list of the best cocktails to try:

1. Tequila

This is actually not a cocktail but a shot, delicious though. From Spanish, it is literally translated like "What did I do last night?". You should have it with salt and lime – a few such shots, and you would definitely not remember what you were doing last night. In addition, tequila has several health benefits;

2. Whiskey Sour

A classic option for men consists of bourbon, lemon juice, and some syrup shaken in one cocktail and served with ice. A couple of such drinks will give your night a pleasant atmosphere, and your morning – a terrible hangover;

3. Jager Bomb

The components of this drink are Red Bull and Jager that make you a real bomb: active, extremely energetic, and drunk. The taste is very unusual, reminding the cough syrup and the boost you get comes from the combination of alcohol and caffeine;

4. Rum and Coke

This is one of the simplest and best cheap alcohol for college students. The favorite drink of pirates (without the cola, of course), it is now a bar classic and one of the most popular orders. This simple mix of these ingredients is also called Cuba Libre;

5. Vodka Water Mio

It is considered a "healthy" alternative to standard vodka. You just take vodka and Mio liquid water enhancer and get a healthy drink free of calories. Another good feature of this product is the ability to avoid a terrible hangover because you drink water after you drink alcohol (hating yourself at the same time);

6. Pornstar shooter

This is not the drink for porn lovers, sorry, guys. However, it literally tastes like candy because it consists of just two ingredients - raspberry liquor and Blue Curacao. It is number one popular cocktail among the ladies;

7. Jungle Juice

This is a simple, refreshing cocktail that is easy to cook. You need fruit, juice, and white rum as the main ingredients. This is an irreplaceable participant of all your college parties;

8. Fireball

This one is pretty strong, with 33% of alcohol, but it is as good. There are many variants of this cocktail including different combinations of liquids, but the main one, good old whiskey, always remains;

9. Twisted Teas

This is a perfect cocktail for those who don`t like the alcohol taste. It tastes like the iced tea but still contains a good portion of vodka. Due to its pleasant taste, you quickly forget how much you already drank and may end up with seven of them within one hour;

10. Smirnoff Ice

Although almost all cocktails contain ice, this one becomes the top refreshing drink. It has a crisp citrus taste and encourages you to come back for more.