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10 Best College Bars In The US

In college, you can expect life to be hectic, challenging, and stressful. This is why when the tough gets going, bars around the community are usually the place where students get some relaxation and stress relief. They go to college bars to bond with friends, unwind, and relax. If you are used to going to college bars, you know the benefits of having these places.
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Top College Bars in the US

1. The Houndstooth

This bar is located around the University of Alabama (Tuscaloosa, AL). Students have been in and out of this great bar because of their menu and services.

2. The Marlin

This is a great place to have a nice drink and a relaxing mood, accompanied by a soothing sound. It is located in Fairbanks and is one of the more popular places to visit.

3. Town Pump

If you ever visited the University of Colorado, then never miss visiting this bar because they have sixteen different selections of beers.

4. Deadwood Tavern

There are times that classical vibes are what students want, and this bar will give it to you. This bar from the University of Iowa will give you a more relaxed vibe.

5. The Dutch Goose

If you are a Stanford University graduate, you know that this place is something that you should try. It offers sumptuous meals and refreshing drinks that will help you relax and calm down.

6. Sign of the Whale

Never skip this bar when you are a student or visitor of the George Washington University, Washington DC. It is a go-to for students because of the reasonable prices in their menu.

7. Mario's Fishbowl

Students of West Virginia University never miss visiting this bar. It is also being visited by the locals and tourists in the place. It offers exceptional service and menu.

8. The Midnight

This is the kind of bar that every college student would want to hang around after a hectic school week. The prices in this bar are suitable for students.

9. Ken's Tavern

If you are looking for a great place for a happy hour, then this is the place that you should visit. Every Florida State University student knows that this place rocks and no one would want to miss a visit.

10. Kilroy's

The people of the University of Indianapolis, especially the students, always come to this bar because they keep the party going all week.
College bars are made to give comfort and entertainment to students and other people in the community. It keeps the mood light and relaxed, but also it creates a better bond among students.